FOTA Fans Forum – Post Forum Tweet up

Hello all, it seems that the only thing my blog gets used for at the minute is to organise social events for my fellow motorsports fans. Guess what, this time is no different!

As most of you know the Formula One Teams Association (FOTA) are once again giving us British fans the chance to pit our questions to the great and good of F1 on Wednesday, 26th June. The venue for this years forum is Tower Place, London, EC3R 5BU. Although I must confess to be disappointed that this years event isn’t being held at a F1 teams HQ with Williams and McLaren hosted the previous two.

It does however, present a great opportunity to gather a few of us together post forum and carry on the F1 talk over a beverage or two in our nations capital!

The pub of choice is The Dickens Inn, in St. Kathrine Dock, a stones throw from Tower Palace. As a Northerner, I left the the choice of meeting place to London dweller, Ultimate Frisbee player, beer drinker and all round F1 nut Andrew Dobb (go follow).

So if you are up for a bit of a social and a lot of F1 chat (even if you’re not attending the forum) please post a comment below so I can gauge how many people are interested.

The forum finishes at 7pm so we would look to get over to the Dickens Inn by 7.15pm

I’m looking forward to seeing new and old faces alike, see you all on Wednesday!


7 thoughts on “FOTA Fans Forum – Post Forum Tweet up

  1. Andrew Dobb

    For all of those who can’t go to the forum itself you’re welcome to the meet up after and I will be live-tweeting the event using my @andrewdobbuk feed


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