My new (tounge in cheek) role with AMG Mercedes F1

Today I’m pleased to announce that I’ve been appointed as the Director of future Director appointments at AMG Mercedes F1 Team. This follows weeks of intense negotiations between myself and the teams Director of human resources before I signed this morning with Non Executive Director of AMG Mercedes F1 Team Niki Lauda.

I’m sure you are all wondering where my role fits into the management structure here at Brackley. It’s very simple, let me explain.

As Director of future Director appointments, I’m directly answerable to the Director of human resources… unless I’m directed to search for a Director of higher ranking than him. In that case I report straight to the team principle, Ross Brawn. That was until this afternoon When I received an email from the new Director of new Directors who informed me of the arrival of Toto Wolff from Williams who directed the Director of new directors to direct me to report to him on any matters higher than the Director of human resources.

My first direct assignment from Executive Director, Toto Wolff is to try to lure McLarens Technical Director, Paddy Lowe to Brackley. Since we already have several differing Technical Director employed at AMG Mercedes, we want to make him Executive Technical Director of Technical Directors.

Technically, we can’t employ a direct approach in trying to lure Technical Director, Lowe to Brackley as he is under contract. However, we have to be direct in our restructuring of the team and stopping at nothing to get the right Directors, directing the staff in the right direction.


2 thoughts on “My new (tounge in cheek) role with AMG Mercedes F1

  1. Andreas

    Love it Gary. As a Director don’t forget to update all the directives to the other directors and non directors, executive directors, non executive directors and dictators.

    Oh and don’t forget the cleaning lady.


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