Swings and Roundabouts

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, this is a new post on Marshall GP. apologies for the lack of content recently, life has been very busy, juggling two jobs with studying has left very little time for much else.

Swings and roundabouts has become my phrase of choice when describing about the 2012 F1 season. Everytime either McLaren or Red Bull seem to be in the ascendency, they almost inexplicably loose performance in relation to the other.

After the Italian Grand Prix, I was taking part in the GP Focus podcast where I predicted that Lewis Hamilton was in the box seat to take the fight to Fernando Alonso. Three races later, that prediction couldn’t be further from the truth.

It is the raging, Red Bull of Sebastian Vettel that has picked up the baton and is, at present, sprinting headlong down the home straight. Now, I’m not going to say that Vettel is going to win the championship, I’ve learnt my lesson there. What I will say is that Red Bull need to continue with this level of consistency if they are going to give him a shot at the title.

While everyone else has ebbed and flowed on the grid, Ferrari have been something of a yardstick. They have never had the fastest car at any time this year, but in the hands of Alonso, we have seen the most consistent string of podiums out of anyone in the running for the title.

With four races left, the title is destined to go to either Alonso or Vettel. Whoever it goes to, they will become the first driver to become a triple world champion since Michael Schumacher in 2000. While Alonso was wrapping up his second title in successive years in 2006, a nineteen year old Vettel had only made his debut for BMW Sauber a handful of races before at Indianapolis.

Now twenty-five, Sebastian Vettel is on the brink of achieving what only the great Fangio and Schumacher have done before him in winning three successive titles.

They say three is the magic number, who will celebrating a triple success at the end of the season? Gentleman, it’s over to you.


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