It’s been a while

Hello, I’m still here and more importantly so is my blog.

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything on here, 4 weeks to be exact. I have just come to the end of a very bust month, both at the circuit and at home, studying. So in the next 400/500 words I’ll try to cram in all of the highlights from the circuit as I can (remember).

I’ll start back at Oulton Park for the 4th BTCC weekend. As, has become normal this year, we had more than our fair share of rain in the lead up to race day. So much in fact that the Porsche race center was doing its best to look like the Titanic after hitting the iceberg.

It was situated on a small field between the paddock and the main road way into the circuit. From the middle of the field, a rather large puddle started to appear. A puddle that grew so large by the Saturday morning the caterers working out of the back of the unit had to contend with a foot of water.

The circuit staff brought a 1500 gallon silo on the back of a tractor to pump the water away. We knew there was a lot of water there, but we were still surprised to see the tractor return seven times to clear the lake. That’s well over 10,000 gallons of rain water!

Next up is 3 consecutive weekends down at Brands Hatch, first of which was the Mini Festival. This is a relatively new event on the calendar but with several different Mini championships to choose from, it was always going to be a good festival.

The highlight for me was a chap who was running in the historic Mini championship. It was nothing to do with his car, more his choice of transportation for it. He bought a shell of a 1976 coach, then spent the next 6 years restoring it and finished it off with the same paint job as the coach from the film, Italian Job. Seeing this coach with a Mini in the back was just great.

Next up in my Brands Hatch marathon was British F3/GT. This event is fast becoming one of my favourites because of the close action you get. The F3s and GTs are great but it’s the Formula Fords that I love to see.

OK, now to get up-to-date with the weekend just gone. Again down at Brands, we were working the Historic Super Prix that is run by the HSCC. This is a new event for the company that I work for and after seeing the timetable, it wasn’t hard to see why we were there.

The Historic Super Prix used to be a 3 day event, but it has now shrunk to a 2 day event. This in itself isn’t much of a problem but when you take into consideration that three-quarters of the paddock was changing over from Saturday to Sunday, you can start to see where problems could arrive.

Indeed, it was the HSCC chairman himself that told us of the carnage that went on the year before. So chaotic and crammed was the paddock that 40 competitors had to run out of the rally stage, outside of the paddock.

With our plan in place, we assembled the paddock ready for Saturday , with most cars arriving by Friday evening. Saturday morning was the crunch time however. The biggest battle to keeping a paddock like this workable is to only let working vehicles into the paddock. Anything without tools, fuel or spares in has to park else where.

Around 3.00 on Saturday afternoon, the first teams who had races that day had started to pull out. In their place already, was 5 new competiors chopming at the bit to get in and get set up. Disptie our best efforts to keep on top of this situaton, it did decend into some form of mild organised choas.

As I said, this is the first time we had organised the paddock for this event and lessons will be leart by the time we next officiate on behalf of the HSCC at Oulton Park for the Gold Cup.

Tomorrow will be a post on the FOTA Fans forun I attended yesterday at the Williams factory at Grove.



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