Super Monaco GP?

For those of you out there, reading this that are around the same age of me would have had their first real F1 gaming experience on Super Monaco GP. I forget now the exact machine I had at the time but I think it was a Sega Master System.

Ever since playing that game, the words ‘super and ‘Monaco’ have always gone hand in hand. This was echoed in some fantastic races around the streets of the principality, especially when the rain came down.

Sadly however, it seems that for a race to indeed be ‘super’ around Monaco, we need some sort of divine intervention to spice things up. For the past two races there, the car’s have been armed with DRS, KERS and the awesome rubber provided by Pirelli. Although it is great seeing the top 5 cars split by only a couple of seconds, you know that there is absolutely no chance of any one of them getting passed!

Just look at Jenson Button’s plight in trying to get past the Caterham of Kovalainen. Even with a car that was several seconds faster, on fresh rubber, with KERS and DRS, he was unable to pass! Frustration got the better of the Frome Flyer as he spun out, exiting the Swimming Poll complex.

As much as I’ve disliked the last couple of races at Monaco, I can still see why it is the jewel in the F1 crown and why the driver’s want to win there more than anywhere else. The challenge of threading a F1 car around these narrow streets, millimetres away from the most of unforgiving barriers must be the biggest challenge of the year for the teams and drivers alike and they certainly produce the best on board footage of the year!

It is fair to say that we will always have a Grand Prix in Monaco. Even though it doesn’t stand up to the requirements of modern F1 racing but I’ll always watch, just for the on board footage.


2 thoughts on “Super Monaco GP?

  1. Aisling O Donnell

    Well talking about Monaco, yes it looks awasome, but the question is for years in Monte Carlo still safe enough for modern F1 cars? As always in F1, as long as nothing happens all is well, the day will come there will be a massive shunt involving several cars in the tunnel, hard to rescue drivers and that will be the end of MC GP

  2. Aisling O Donnell

    Hi Gary, live from Dublin road race, trying to hunt down JB, with success. Sunday night after the event, Crystal Night Club, Dublin 2, JB, E Irvine, E Jordan, most likely Lewis as well. For more info, thread Who s hot who s not in F1, all details there


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