Paddock Life – BARC Dunlop, Brands Hatch

Last weekend saw me return to circuit where my adventure began, Brands Hatch. Eight weeks ago, I started my job as a logistics co-ordinator at Brands for BTCC.

The BARC Dunlop meetings are made up with several club championships. On the race card for the weekend included the production touring car championship, Kuhmo BMW, Classic Formula Ford and Classic F3.

With smaller meets like this, the paddock layout is less important as most people turn up with their car on the back of a trailer. As long as the separate series’ are grouped together, that’s fine.

Friday was a general test day, which meant as well as some of the teams coming to set up for the weekend, we also had some teams turning up for the day. Our main priority during the morning was to try to get the people who were only there for the general test to operate from areas that wasn’t going to be used by the teams who were stopping through to Sunday.

Although we had no real authority to ask the testers to set up where we asked them to, most understood why we were asking and duly set up out-of-the-way. All except for the from ES Racing Lotus Team! Their chap who was in charge was less than accommodating and set up his 6 car setup right in the middle of the BMW paddock. There was nothing I could do but make sure that all the BMW team that arrive knew that, that chap had an arse hole where his mouth should be, he talked that much crap!

By the end of the test, the Lotus’ had gone and the BMWs could finally get setup for the weekend. With all the teams signed on by 11am, there wasn’t much to do apart from make sure everyone was OK and… a little racing. I watch the opening laps of the Production Touring Car race from the pit wall. At Brands Hatch, the cars pass very close to the pit wall at the beginning of the straight and you can almost touch the cars as they pass.

Sunday was a very short day. The classic Formula Ford 1600 were signing on at 9am meaning that was the end of my duties for the weekend. While we were down there, we took the opportunity to make some preparations for this weekend’s DTM championship. The support package is bigger than anything I’ve come across before which means we had to survey areas of the paddock that hadn’t have been mapped before.


2 thoughts on “Paddock Life – BARC Dunlop, Brands Hatch

  1. Aisling O Donnell

    Hello there, thanks for latest newletters. I wonder if there is chance to see a few pics from these meetings@brands hatch? Would be interesting, especially from smaller meetings.


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