Williams End 8 Years Of Hurt

It’s Monday afternoon, the sun is shining here in Sheffield. I should be outside making the most of this rare occurrence but I find myself glued to the BBC red button, reliving yesterdays dramatic Spanish Grand Prix for the third time.

For those of you who regularly read this blog, or follow me on twitter. You’ll know how much of a Williams fan I am. It was the titanic battles between Mansell and Piquet had with the Likes of Senna and Prost that got me hook on F1 all those years ago.

Being a Williams fan in recent years hasn’t been an easy task. Year upon tear, slipping further down the constructors championship after their last title in 1997 and without a win since Brazil, 2004.

2011 saw my team register its worst ever points tally in its 34 year proud history forcing the team to make sweeping changes in personnel to try to stop the rot. And stop the rot they did. It only took to round two for the team to eclipse their meagre return the year before giving me the belief that they can hopefully regularly challenge within the top ten.

But never, ever in my wildest dreams did I think that anything like this would be possible this year. Williams have made huge strides forward since the test at Mugello and unlike Hulkenberg’s pole in Brazil, this front row start was down to the pace of the car.

So, 8 years of winless hurt end for Williams the third most successful team in the history of F1. I can’t tell you how big the smile is on my face as I write this after writing several articles on the decline of my team.

As I said earlier, Myself, along with all the other loyal Williams fans have endured these barren years and I know that there will be many smiles today out there, just as big as mine.

Onwards to Monaco in two weeks. Pastor holds the record for the most GP2 wins there and drove out of his skin there last year in his first year in F1. Could he be the first double winner in 2012? The only prediction I’ll be making is that I’ll not be making one!


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