‘4’ Is The Magic Number

The song sang, ‘three is the magic number’, but in F1 after the opening four rounds, four is definitely the magic number.

So significant is the number, that it has given us the most open start to a season since 1983.

So here’s the stats,

  1. We have had 4 races so far in 2012
  2. The first 4 races have produced 4 different winners.
  3. After each race, we have had a different leader of the Drivers Championship.
  4. Mark Webber has finished 4th in all four races so far this season.
  5. If you add all the numbers up in 2012, you get 4!

OK, OK I know the last one doesn’t actually add up but I thought I’d throw in there for good measure.

So what has made the outcome of the race’s so unpredictable this year? Why has only Sebastian (The Finger) Vettel has managed to convert pole position into a race win?

I believe the banning of the EBDs has dramatically closed up the field. Red Bull in particular appeared to struggle to find a decent balance in the RB8. But the main reason for this fantastically, stunning, stellar start to the year is down to the rubber provided by Pirelli. The Italian company have carried on where they left off last year by providing the teams with rubber with a very limited performance window and crucially, one that is proving very difficult to predict.

Michael Schumacher criticised Pirelli after the race in China, complaining that he can’t go flat out on them. Is Michael showing his age? Is he failing to keep up with the ever changing world of F1? I for one thank that Pirelli are the main reason that F1 is exiting as it is this year. I can say with full conviction that if DRS was dropped from Spain, I don’t believe that it’s absence would have any detrimental effect on the spectacle.


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