Paddock Life – An Introduction

I’m a little late in writing this introduction to ‘Paddock Life’ and apologies for that (and the lack of articles in general in the past week) but these are busy days, and they are only going to get busier!

Let’s start last Monday at Silverstone at the BTCC media day. This is one of the highest profile championships that MSO (the company I’m contracted to) organise. This was a great opportunity for me to meet, not only some of the guys I’ll be working with this season, but also to get a better feel for what I’ll be doing.

The morning was full of presentations, firstly by Alan Gow, the series director and James Bailey from Dunlop, followed by all the drivers and the ITV 4 presentation and commentary teams. This was followed by the unveiling of several new cars in the pit lane including the Redstone Ford Focus run by Motorbase and the all new 888 run MG of Jason Plato and Andy Neate.

Before lunch, there was a session on track where the cars followed a couple of 4X4s for some on track shots before the afternoons test. Although I was there as a member of the media (through my involvement with Final Sector) it was difficult to get used to walking freely through the garages and up the pit lane while the testing was going on. This is something I’m going to have to get used to very quickly this week as I go from being a fanatical motorsports fan, to a professional, playing a key role in the running of the race weekend.

I’m still a little unaware of what to expect this weekend at Brands Hatch. I mean, I know what I’m expected to do, I mean how I’m going to react to not being a fan for the first time. I’ve dreamt for a long time of working within the motorsports industry and I consider myself to be extremely lucky to get this chance.

I guess I want to write about my experiences this season to give others out there who have the same aspirations as me, hopefully a better understanding of what goes into making a race meet successful. Also to get the message out that if you want something bad enough, stick with it because you never know what doors c9ould open for you just around the corner.

The first Paddock lie entry will be up on Monday 2nd April.


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