Crash Test Dummies Or Crash Testing For Dummies

For the third season running, HRT have faced a battle to get their car ready for the first race, let alone for the start of pre-season testing.

With technical directors being replaced faster than their driver line up and a seemingly endless hunt for a permanent quest to find headquarters in Spain all contributing to the state chaos on planet HRT.

Joining them on this battle to make the grid for Australia is Marussia. Some may be surprised by their rather late scramble but their 2011 woes have mirrored that of their Spanish rivals.

From the Monaco Grand Prix, Marussia Virgin as they were then known, parted company with technical director, Nick Writh and his design company that designed the car. This meant that mid season, they had to start the long process of recruiting a whole design department ahead of starting work on the 2012 car.

The difficult situation was exacerbated by the teams move from Manor Competitions home in Dinnginton, South Yorkshire, to new premises in Brackly (AKA motorsport valley).

When you take these factors into account with the miniscule time frame between the end of the season and the start of pre-season testing, 13 weeks. You can start to get a picture of how tight the schedule is. With somewhere in the region of 4000 components to design and manufacture, even championship winning teams like Red Bull have missed the first test to fully develop the car. As did AMG Mercedes this year.

If established teams like Red Bull and Mercedes can choose to delay the unveiling of their new cars in order to have the right before hitting the track, you can see what trials and tribulations the smaller teams are going through to fight for their very existence.



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