Sky Sports F1 Media Day

This morning, I had a very pleasant surprise waiting for me in my inbox. It was am email from Sky Sports, inviting me to meet their 2012 team in London next Monday.

Normally these type of events are reserved for main stream media outlets but Sky are allocating time for me and my fellow blogger’s to come along and  put our questions to the team.

In attendance will be the commentary team of David Croft and Martin Bundle. Also we will have the chance to talk to the 1996 World Champion, Damon Hill, who is signed up to Sky Sports as a pundit for 10 races this year.

As a F1 blogger/writer, access like this is very hard to come by and I want to open it up to all the readers of this site by asking you to submit questions for Martin, David and Damon in the comment box below. I will pick one question to ask on the day.

Throughout the event I will be tweeting live to keep you up-to-date with everything the team have to say.

Don’t forget to follow me @marshallgp and leave your questions for the team below.


5 thoughts on “Sky Sports F1 Media Day

  1. Jae tweed

    Will Martins technical features be shown during the week and on non-GP weeks as well as during the GP coverage? And will they be a lot longer than 2-3 minutes?

  2. Jae tweed

    Ask If they will do extra post-race coverage if needed/ wanted? Or must they finish the coverage on time?

  3. Jae tweed

    How will they structure the coverage of the practice sessions? Live presenting before and after session?

  4. Walter Walt

    Any chance, Mr Brundle would put aside his obvious personal distate of Pastor Maldonado and his sponsor money, and give us some more fair coverage of the Venezuelan’s performance on the race track ?

    Given the piece of crap of a car Williams had for 2011, the rookie did well against the most experienced driver in f1, as team mate.


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