iGP Simulator Game

What do you do to get your racing fix over the winter? Yes I hear you all say go to Donington on January the 7th to see the Grand Prix Collection with me, but that is one day out of the whole close season.

I’ve stumbled across this rather good-looking game, iGP Manager. Essentially, you have to cerate a team from the bottom up, hiring a driver, acquiring sponsors, managing resources and delegating responsibilities to you staff. Once your team is up and running, you have the opportunity to go testing before each race to fine tune your set up and to finalize race strategy. Re-fuelling is still permitted in this game and it’s down to you how much fuel you put in for each stint and on which compound of tyre. If one rival team always seems to have more pace than you, you can spy on particular areas of their car to see where they are gaining such an advantage.

It is also possible to poach driver/staff from rival teams by offering them more money that they are currently on. This game is sure to get you all addicted and there isn’t much else to do on a Sunday night at the minute, so sign yourselves up and try to get to the top step of the podium.

I have set up a league on the web site that will race every Sunday at 7pm from this week. The league name is Marshall GP iGP League and the password is sennaweek.

It should be a bit of F1 fun to help get us all through the slow winter months.


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