Ferrari Confidant Without blowing Hot Air

Ferrari boss, Stefano Domenicali say that the team can take some positives from this season. On the face of it, you may have to try hard to find any. However, as we look towards 2012, the Prancing Horse have two big reasons to be confidant.

Ferrari had never managed to get the exhaust blown diffuser working to the same level as Red Bull or McLaren, putting them on the back foot from the offset. “We missed out from the technical point of view – the big theme of this year was the blowing exhaust diffuser. Then we caught up a little bit, we had quite a good beginning of the summer where we could have won two more races with no problems to be honest with you, and that is to do with the luck or bad luck of this year, and then we missed a big development for Belgium that made the difference in the second part of the season.” Said Domenicali.

The underlying pace of the Ferrari was showcased at Silverstone in July thanks to the restrictions on the EBDs and engine mapping. McLaren and Red Bull Struggled without this ace up their sleeves and Alonso took their first win of the season. This would prove to be a false dawn for Domenicali and his team as the restrictions were lifted in time for the next round in Germany, prompting the team to switch development to their 2012 challenger as Domencali explained. “And that is why basically at the end of July we stopped the development of the car and so basically we are trying now to maximise the performance that we had.”

Ferrari certainly has less to lose with the banning of EBDs. Coupled with the early start of full focus on their 2012 car, I’m sure they will once again be force to be reckoned with for race victories.


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