Yas Marina and Interlagos – A World Apart

Formula 1 has just raced at the most advanced racing facility in the world, that I have no doubt. What has been created on Yas Island is nothing short of amazing, we all know the circuit, marina, hotel and Ferrari world from the TV coverage of the race. Also on the $36 billion development is, Warner Bros. theme park, Yas Water park, Yas Arena, links golf course and hotel and its own town to name but a few.

I’m sure seeing is believing when it comes to Yas Marina and yes, I would love to see for myself one day, but not right now. To go to any overseas race would be great for me as I have only ever been to Silverstone but right at the top of my list is Interlagos, the polar opposite to Abu Dhabi.

For all the things you can buy with money, you can’t buy atmosphere or passion in the grandstands. Even though I haven’t been to Brazil, I’ve witnessed firsthand what to expect in South America at Silverstone in 1991. With Senna at the height of his powers, the 91 British Grand prix was awash with his countrymen around the circuit, a large percentage of which were next to us at Copse Corner! They sang, drank and laughed their way through the day, creating an atmosphere there that hasn’t been replicated to this day.

I can see why new venues such as Abu Dhabi are on the calendar, the race is well supported and as I said, the facilities are a showcase, but the level of facilities shouldn’t be the be all and end all for the sport. Interlagos, along with Silverstone, Spa and Montreal are under constant pressure to build bigger and better pit/paddock complexes. I just hope I can get to Brazil before it does come the be all and end all.


One thought on “Yas Marina and Interlagos – A World Apart

  1. Daniel Médici

    Glad to see you wanto to come here, to Brazil. I’ve seen the Brazilian GP from the grandstands six times, five of them in a row, the last one in 2009. It’s really amazing. We catch up with old friends, meet another new ones, drink and spend the time talking about motorsport and past experiences. I’ve never been into another GP (maybe Monza, one day), but I really recommend Interlagos. From almost any point, the view of the track is splendid.
    There are some things a foreign spectator should be aware of. First, to stay in a hotel as near as possible to the track. Second, to be aware of pickpockets and avoid staying far away from the crowd. And that in the cheapest sectors (the funniest way to spend the GP, in my opinion), the queue for Sunday entrance begins to take shape on Saturday night – so there is no good place to see the race for late-sleepers.


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