Donington Collection Visit Saturday 7th January

Life as a Formula 1 fan is hard over the winter months. Even with today’s extended calendar, from the end of the season in November to the start of testing in March can seem like a lifetime. So what could be better than a January visit to the Donington collection?

The Donington Grand Prix Collection is, quite simply, the largest showcase of Grand Prix racing cars in the world.

Five halls, with over 130 exhibits, illustrate the history of motorsport from the turn of the 20th Century, where visitors can get close to the cars driven by such famous names as Nuvolari, Mansell, Prost, Moss, Senna, Fangio and Stewart.

The Donington Grand Prix Collection houses the largest collection of McLaren and Williams racing cars in the world (outside of their respective factories), and the only complete collection of Vanwalls. A notable exhibit is Stirling Moss’s Lotus in which he defeated the might of the Ferrari Works Team in the 1961 Monaco Grand Prix.

So, are you interested?

If you join me on Saturday 7th January at 10am, you’ll get discounted admission of only £6 plus the chance to talk F1 with a large group of like minded people.

Donington Park is situated right at the heart of England, just minutes from M1 junction 23a and MOTO Donington Park Motorway Services and Travelodge, or junction 24 southbound. What’s more, Donington Park is easily accessible internationally via East Midlands International Airport, only 2 miles away.

To confirm you place, leave a comment in the box below with your email address. If you have a twitter account, add your profile so I can add you to a list on there.

I hope to meet a lot of you there, if you haven’t been before, take it from me, it’s well worth it.


52 thoughts on “Donington Collection Visit Saturday 7th January

  1. Heather Cunningham

    I would definately be interested in attending Donnington in January to see the collection!

  2. Bootneck

    I’ll be booking a days leave for that one, what a fantastic way to get over the Xmas binge:) count me in Gaz,

  3. Katrina kershaw

    Count me in, my local track and the gift shop sometimes has tyres from the 6 wheel tyrrell!!

  4. Sam Jessup (@samthebox)

    Sounds like a great idea, count me in too! Been a while since I’ve been to the donnington collection, it’s a fanatic place for an F1 fan…

  5. Dan

    Definitely up for this. @danfgough. And Scarbs too *having a little geek joy moment!*

    You missed a key attraction off the listing though: there is a Jordan 191 at the Donnington museum. Worth the fee alone!!!

  6. Alan Williams (@dogmop)

    Wow, yeah looks amazing, would definitely be up for it. The grove visit this year started a great year for me for f1 with the free paddock pass at Korea too. Probably have a couple of friends interested also if that’s cool.

      1. Heather Cunningham

        I’ve said I will love to come but I will bring my son ax he drives and he can give his 147 GTA a nice run from Essex 🙂

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  8. Dave Ryman @dave_ryman

    Sounds great… Not sure if that date is good for me yet.

    Downside is that it does feel like a look back at something that used-to-be. Thanks, BBC, for making this my main thought whenever anything F1 is involved.

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    1. Gary Marshall Post author

      Hi Simon, yes still space available. I’ll be emailing everyone who’s replied in a week or so to confirm the amount of people coming.

  10. sam stanley

    passed this info on by a friend. wud love to join in the f1 fun on 7th jan! be gud to get a winter f1 fix until season starts up again.x

  11. Neil Williams

    We live 30 mins away and shamefully have never been!!!

    Please add me @SilentBobF1 and @MrsSilentBob to the list

      1. Gary Marshall Post author

        Haha, I knew it was you mate, good to hear from you, I didn’t think you were tweeting from this account any more. Will you be bringing you’re better half?

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