My F1 Calendar 2012

It seems like a week doesn’t go by without some other corner of the world indicating its desire to host a Grand Prix. Over the last decade, we have seen the traditional European heartland of Formula1 lose races to new, multi million pound complex’s in some exotic locations. Some have been a great success, Sepang has been on the calendar for ten years now for example. Others however, haven’t lived up to expectation, leaving the country with a huge white elephant with little or no domestic racing to utilise the facility. The biggest high profile casualty to date is the Istanbul Park circuit in Turkey. Although no one would criticise the on-track action there, poor attendance year on year is the main factor to the race being dropped for next year.

With Bahrain, China and Korea all under threat for similar reasons, I thought I’d have a go on producing a twenty race calendar based on the following factors: Popularity of F1, affordability of tickets for locals, historic significance, sustainability and political stability.

There is 196 countries in the world so I don’t believe one country should have two races. Approximately 2 million tickets are available throughout the season (roughly the population of Latvia) out of the 7 billion people on the planet so selling out shouldn’t be a major problem! With all this in mind, I’ve chosen which 20 races I’d like to see on the calendar next year. I haven’t chosen them because they are my favourites, I‘ve tried to stay impartial in my decision making.

  1. Australia – Melbourne, Albert Park
  2. Malaysia – Spenag
  3. Abu Dhabi – Yas Marina
  4. Spain – Barcelona
  5. Monaco – Monte Carlo
  6. USA – New Jersey
  7. Canada – Montreal,  Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
  8. Mexico – Mexico City,  Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez
  9. France – Paul Ricard
  10. Great Britain – Silverstone
  11. Germany – Nurburgring
  12. Belgium – Spa Francorchamps
  13. Hungary – Hungaroring
  14. Portugal – Estoril
  15. Italy – Monza
  16. Singapore – Marina Bay
  17. Japan – Suzuka
  18. India – Buddh
  19. Argentina – TBC
  20. Brazil – Interlagos

The three races in bold as the classics, the three races with the most historical significance, resulting in a cash prize for any driver who wins all three in one season, taking the ‘Grand Slam’.

Please use the comment box below to tell me your ideal race calendar, please only use circuits that are operational, or due to be operational in the near future.


5 thoughts on “My F1 Calendar 2012

  1. Kiril Varbanov

    Absolutely cool list, just wondering about Yas Marina or Spain – I’d remove one of them and add the Indianapolis, the same circuit we had in the past.
    The introduction of Mexico is very welcome, lovely track.

  2. Tim (@TimFilbert)

    I like your thinking and it’s a nice idea to have a go. I love the idea of a bonus prize for the ‘Big Three’ races. I’d have the following calendar:

    01 – Australia, Albert Park
    02 – India, Buddh International Circuit
    03 – China, Shanghai International Circuit
    04 – Singapore, Marina Bay
    05 – Spain, Jerez
    06 – Monaco, Monte Carlo
    07 – France, Le Mans Bugatti Circuit
    08 – Germany, Nurburgring
    09 – Great Britain, Silverstone
    10 – Belgium, Spa-Francorchamps
    11 – Russia, Sochi Circuit (TBC)
    12 – Italy, Monza
    13 – South Africa, Kyalami
    14 – Malaysia, Sepang
    15 – Japan, Suzuka
    16 – Canada, Circuit Gilles Villeneuve
    17 – USA, Circuit of the Americas
    18 – Brazil, Interlagos

    Only eighteen there, but I feel they offer the best compromise between tradition (i.e. going to the right countries – how has France not currently got a GP?!), good racing (Jerez over Catalunya, Nurburgring over Hockenheim) and the need to look to the right economies (BRIC, USA). I’ve also arranged them in this particular order to reduce costs for teams – the ‘European Season’ is exactly that here, sandwiched between the long hauls to Oceania/Asia and the season-ending African, Far Eastern and American legs. I’d consider Argentina as a penultimate race, too, but having never watched a GP from the circuit used until 1998 I wouldn’t know whether it would fit with my three ‘ideals’.

  3. Geoff

    Dude your nuts, Montreal in november!!!
    I live there, its very very cold and you would need to get pirelli to make Snow Tires.
    Montreal should always be after monaco, which in turn must be in late may

    1. Tim (@TimFilbert)

      True, never thought about that. Perhaps swap Malaysia/Suzuka round with Canada/USA – I feel there must be better continuity with flyaways and where we go. Therefore USA and Canada should go together in the calendar – and Texas cannot be too early in the year!


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