Ayrton Senna – Career Results 1981 – 1983

Below is Ayrton Senna’s complete single seater race history from Formula Ford in 1981 to British Formula 3 in 1983.
Formula Ford 1600 1981 – Champion
Date Circuit Competition Position
March 1 Brands Hatch P&O 5th
March 8 Thruxton Townsend-Thoresen 3th
March 15 Brands Hatch Townsend-Thoresen 1st
March 22 Mallory Park Townsend-Thoresen 2nd
April 5 Mallory Park Townsend-Thoresen 2nd
May 3 Snetterton Townsend-Thoresen 2nd
May 24 Oulton Park RAC 1st
May 25 Mallory Park Townsend-Thoresen 1st
June 7 Snetterton Townsend-Thoresen 1st
June 21 Silvertsone RAC 2nd
June 27 Oulton Park Townsend-Thoresen 1st
July 4 Donington Park RAC 1st
July 12 Brands Hatch RAC 4th
July 25 Oulton Park Townsend-Thoresen 1st
July 26 Mallory Park RAC 1st
August 2 Brands Hatch Townsend- Thoresen 1st
August 9 Snetterton RAC 1st
August 15 Donington Park Townsend-Thoresen (Euroseries) 1st
August 31 Thruxton Townsend-Thoresen 1st
September 29 Brands Townsend-Thoresen 2nd
Formula Ford 2000 1982 – British and European Champion
Date Circuit Competition Grid Position Fastest lap Championsh. pos.
March 7 Brands Hatch British Pole 1st FL 22pts/1st
March 27 Oulton Park British Pole 1st FL 44pts/1st
March 28 Silverstone British Pole 1st FL 66pts/1st
April 4 Donington Park British Pole 1st FL 88pts/1st
April 9 Snetterton British Pole 1st FL 110pts/1st
April 12 Silvertsone British Pole 1st FL 132pts/1st
April 18 Zolder, Belgium EFDA Pole retired
May 2 Donington Park EFDA Pole 1st FL 24pts/1st
May 3 Mallory Park British 1st FL 153pts/1st
May 9 Zolder EFDA Pole spin FL 27pts/2nd
May 30 Oulton Park British puncture 153pts/1st
May 31 Brands Hatch British 1st FL 174pts/1st
June 6 Mallory Park British 1st FL 195pts/1st
June 13 Brands Hatch British Pole 1st FL 217pts/1st
June 20 Hockenheim EFDA Pole Accident 28pts/3th
June 26 Oulton Park British 1st FL 238pts/1st
July 3 Zandvoort EFDA Pole 1st 49pts/1st
July 4 Snetterton British 2nd 253pts/1st
July 10 Castle Comble British Pole 1st FL 275pts/1st
August 1 Snetterton British 1st FL 296pts/1st
August 8 Hockenheim EFDA Pole 1st FL 72pts/1st
August 15 Osterreichring EFDA Pole 1st FL 95pts/1st
August 22 Jyllandsring EFDA Pole 1st FL 118pts/1st
August 30 Thruxton British 1st FL 317pts/1st
September 4 Oulton Park British Pole 1st 338pts/1st
September 5 Silvertsone British Pole 1st FL 360pts/1st
September 12 Mondello Park EFDA 1st FL 140pts/1st
September 26 Brands Hatch British 2nd FL 376pts/1st
British Formula 3 1983 – Champion
Date Circuit Grid Position FL champ. pos. Pts. Adv.
March 6 Silvertsone 2nd 1st FL 10pts/1st +4
March 13 Thruxton Pole 1st 19pts/1st +6
March 20 Silvertsone Pole 1st FL 29pts/1st +10
March 27 Donington Park Pole 1st FL 39pts/1st +14
April 4 Thruxton Pole 1st 48pts/1st +16
April 24 Silverstone Pole 1st FL 58pts/1st +22
May 2 Thruxton Pole 1st FL 68pts/1st +26
May 8 Brands Hatch Pole 1st FL 78pts/1st +30
May 30 Silverstone Pole 1st FL 88pts/1st +34
June 12 Silverstone 2nd accident 88pts/1st +34
June 19 Cadwell park / did not race 88pts/1st +24
July 3 Snetterton 3th accident FL 89pts/1st +16
July 16 Silverstone Pole 1st FL 99pts/1st +20
July 24 Donington Park Pole 2nd FL 106pts/1st +18
August 6 Oulton Park 2nd accident FL 107pts/1st +19
August 29 Silverstone Pole 1st 116pts/1st +22
September 11 Oulton Park Pole accident 116pts/1st +13
September 18 Thruxton Pole Engine 116pts/1st +3
October 2 Silverstone 3th 2nd 122pts/2nd -1
October 23 Thruxton Pole 1st FL 132pts/1st +5

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