Formula 1 in 2020

The year is 2020 and F1 has undergone its first major rule change since the inclusion of the 1.6 turbo engines back in 2014. Thanks to a groundbreaking agreement between the G8 leaders (now re-named Q8 due to a sponsorship deal with the Middle Eastern oil giant) Presidents Andretti, Prost and Inoue from The USA, France and Japan respectively signed the deal with Prime Minister Murray Walker to ensure enough petrol reserves would be put aside to ensure that F1 can once again run 3.5 V10 engine’s for the next 50 years.

Before the season started, HRT caused a stir in the pit lane as for the first time, they had a new car ready for the start of pre-season testing. Team Boss Colin Kolles described this as “biggest miracle the team has produced in the first 10 years of racing.” He added, “This year, we are confident we can catch the Marussia Virgins ahead of us.”

Another battle took place over the winter after FIA president, Jean Todt was forced to give up his role after failing to make up his mind in time to run for another term and missing the deadline to register as a candidate. This left former Ferrari team-mates, Michael Schumacher and Rubens Barrichello in the running for the top job, ex President, Max Mosley had also signalled his intent to run but was advised against it after his comment, “I want to whip the FIA back into shape” was taken the wrong way by some of the members. Schumacher and Barrichello were neck and neck in the voting, with Barrichello just edging it and was looking good for victory when, at the last minute, he stepped aside, leaving the way clear for his German rival to claim Victory.

In addition to the new engine regulations, F1 had introduced tighter aero limitations, effectively forcing the teams to run with 75% less downforce over the front and rear wings. This change wasn’t welcomed by the McLaren team. Team principle, Martin Whitmarsh said, “We have spent the last 8 year trying to either get the Red Bull’s front wings banned or to figure out how it works, last November we unlocked the key to making our wing ‘flex’ and now its banned! Get that f****ng camera out of my face!”

90 year old, Bernie Ecclestone was in no mood to talk about giving up control of Formula 1 despite growing calls for him to resign as the 2020 season was the first in history not to have a European race on the calendar. “The good people of Turkmenistan have long held the dream of hosting a Grand Prix and following the excellent work done by the circuits in Iran and Kazakhstan, I decided that there was no longer room for the Italian Grand Prix at Monza.” Aging dwarf, Ecclestone batted away questions of low attendances at the new venues, instead choosing to tell the worlds press about the record viewing figures released by BSkyB. “You just have to look at the figures to see that F1 is still popular in the UK, in fact the 2020 season has seen the highest viewing figures since they took over from the BBC.” He added, “ 600,000 people tuned in for the British Grand Prix, that’s more than the number of people who went!”

Title winning team boss Christian Horner had the team’s celebrations cut short as he was once again asked about Vettel’s ability to overtake, “look! He started every race on pole, he led every lap of every race and you ask me if I’m worried about that fact he hasn’t overtaken anybody all year?”

Other news at Red Bull at the season finale was that Mark Webber had signed another one year extension with the team for another last push for the title. The news must have come as a shock to the Torro Rosso pair of Jamie Alguersuari and Sebastian Buemi, who look like having to wait longer than Prince Charles has had to wait to become King, than they have waiting to drive for Red Bull.


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