Vettel’s ‘Winless Drought’

After another great race weekend in Spa which saw championship leader, Sebastian Vettel, reassert his dominance after three races without a win. This fact seemed to be overstated by the BBC F1 team over the weekend for some reason, saying “Vettel hasn’t won for three months”. Yes this is true, but one month was the summer break so can’t really be taken into account. Is this the level of expectation that now lies on Vettel shoulders? Even in the post race analysis I think Eddie Jordan said it wasn’t his best race!

One the other hand, everyone seemed to be full of praise for his team-mate for finishing second. I don’t want to take anything away from the Australian for his remarkable move on Alonso into Eau Rouge but not for the first time this year he has failed to get away from the grid cleanly, having to fight back up to his starting position.

Webber was one of three drivers who went into the season finale with a shout of the title, he has the same equipment at his disposal as Vettel.  Red Bull ‘number two driver’ is going through a winless drought, his last win came over a year ago at Hungary, a full 19 races ago!

In the grand scheme of things, three races without a win for Vettel is nothing when he has won over half the races so for in 2011. If Webber want one last shot at the title next year, he needs to start getting up to speed sooner rather than later to try and put an end to his team-mates dominance. Over a year without a win, with the best machinery beneath you, that is a draught!


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