A Glimpse into the Future

Yesterday, I saw what most fans will have to endure to watch races ‘live’ from 2012.  As Sky Sports take over as the only broadcaster in the UK to show all 20 races until 2018 fans face a dilemma on how to watch the race, keep up to date over the net or wait for the BBC primetime show.

Race day at Spa clashed with a party for my daughter, who is starting school this week. I set the recorder on Friday morning, checked it on Saturday and once again on Sunday morning to make sure nothing had gone wrong. My phone was turned off so I couldn’t accidentally see a text message with news from the race, all the TVs in the house were off as well as the radio.

Throughout the afternoon I kept glancing at the clock on the wall thinking to myself, Brundle will be doing his grid walk now and I wonder who’s tangled in the first corner? It wasn’t until about 3pm when I thought the race is over, just got to wait until half seven to watch it (the same sort of time the BBC will show their programme).

As members of my family were ready to go home, we were all saying our farewells when I said to my 86 year old Nan, that I was going to watch the race, she replied “Vettel won again didn’t he”. At this, I couldn’t believe it! Half an hour before I was going to sit down to watch the race, 6 hours since it began, the end was revealed to me from the most unlikely of sources.

In trying (and failing)to avoid the results, I didn’t just hide away from the race, I had to hide away from everything in the world outside my 4 walls. Next year if millions of fans want to see races unfold before their eyes  , they will have to do the same. My only advice after yesterday is stay away from elderly relatives.


4 thoughts on “A Glimpse into the Future

  1. Neil

    Ha ha ha! I was out on Saturday and took my son to a party on Sunday too and thus subjected myself to the same embargos – no TV, radio, texts, Facebook, twitter or elderly relatives. My father-in-law is terrible. On Saturday I had to very firmly tell him that I wanted to know absolutely nothing, after he started to say ‘you just need to know there’ll be an investigation’, in reference to Lewis & Pastor’s moment. And this often happens, even when he knows I haven’t seen it.

    And, as you say, for half of the next 7 seasons we will be subjected to this ritual. Watching the race in the evening simply won’t work for me either. Bedtimes and dinner will put paid to that, along with the need to avoid ignoring my wife in our precious evening child-free zone!

    I am currently a Sky subscriber, (though not to Sky , HD, Sports or Movies) and we also have talk & broadband. I am switching to Freesat HD, Plusnet for phone and broadband and, while the engineer is installing our Quad LNB, I’ll be asking him to put up a dish to point at 19.2E so I can watch RTL live coverage and listen to 5live Extra. I’m sure there’ll be the odd sync issue, but I can live with that.

    So, aside from the whistleblower granny, how did you find the race?

  2. Paul

    I was in a similar dilemma as I went to Wings and Wheels on Sunday, so I had to record the race. I actually managed to miss the result so it wasn’t spoilt for me. However I was on tenterhooks all day not wanting to accidentally hear the result.
    I also didn’t wear any of my McLaren team wear as I didn’t want to prompt any info from anyone at the show.
    If this is how it will be for half of the season next year, I think I’m going to have to put a dish up to watch the RTL pictures with 5-Live commentary.
    Sorry to hear that yours was spoilt.

  3. elephino

    Try avoiding race results for around 24 hours, then call me.

    When Australia had awful coverage, there was often delays with a 10pm race start not shown on TV until 1am or later (up to and including 5am), we had to record it then due to work could not watch it until the evening.

    6 hours is nothing.

  4. Alan Williams (@dogmop)

    When I missed the Indycar race at New Hampshire a few weeks ago as I was otherwise engaged. Unfortunately I only ever get to watch it via Sky Sports web stream so recording was impossible and I couldn’t watch the repeat. This meant I’d have to wait until it was available to ‘acquire’ through other means, typically about 3-4 days. Fortunately Indycar isn’t reported in UK main news unless something like what happened to Mike Conway (a Brit) happened at Indy500 2 years ago. I follow do a lot of drivers and interested parties (including F1 reporters) on twitter and other social media so had to completely avoid that whole thing and stay away from motorsport entirely just incase.

    I did catch a brief glimpse of Twitter when I noticed a Mario Andretti tweet about congratulating his grandson about something, but didn’t read the rest and quickly avoided twitter. I figured I’d spoiled at least the winner of the race and pffed. When I did finally watch the race, imagine my surprise when Marco crashed out early on and the drama that followed, tough couple of days but definitely worth the blackout!

    Regarding F1, I had a similar thing in the early 2000’s, it was the Japanese GP so I was going to catch the repeat. I woke up and my mum greeted me saying ‘guess who won again?’, since Schumacher had won the majority of the races and I doubt my mum knew the other Ferrari driver I instantly had the result ruined, but then it was inevitable anyway… Kind of like this season really.


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