The Bernie Interview: Message in a Bottle

OK here we go! As I promised on my ‘about’ page I’m going to try different, alternative methods to contact Bernie Ecclestone in order to interview him. Although I originally said my first attempt would be via carrier pigeon, this has now been postponed for a couple of weeks.

My first attempt to contact Bernie is now going to be by a message in a bottle! To make sure this has the best possible chance of success I need all of my blog readers, twitter followers and facebook friends to join in!

Between today (Thursday) and Sunday I want you all to go down to your nearest river or coast and put the following message into a bottle “Dear Bernie, please contact Gary’s blog for an interview at  ” Also mark it with “if found return to Bernie Ecclestone”

Please take pictures of yourselves doing this and send them to and I’ll post all the pictures on here next week along with details of the next attempt!


4 thoughts on “The Bernie Interview: Message in a Bottle

  1. @KamuiWatch

    Love it Marshall. Will do what I can. As for the environmental repercussions, do we think plastic or glass is a better bet? My advice – keep the bottle sealed with the note inside, that way, even if in months/years to come one washes up, we’ll still have a hope! Plus, no chance of sinking 🙂

  2. Rui Catalão

    Good idea. Let’s see if he lives long enough to get these bottles. He’s not exactly what we can call a ‘young man’.


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