A Louder Voice for F1 Fans

Yesterday evening on twitter I jokingly started the hashtag #FansFIA. After a couple of comments last night and this morning I decided to give it a little more thought as I endured three hours in the car!

At the top of the Formula One food chain is the FIA, nothing can change in F1 without the approval of the FIA. Next in line is FOM, the management company that controls the media distribution and promotion of content regarding Formula One and Bernie Ecclestone is the president. The teams have FOTA to voice their collective opinions and the drivers have the GPDA. At the bottom of the chain comes the fans (no surprises there)!

With an estimated worldwide TV audience of 300 million we seem to be the silent majority! This became very apparent during the Bahrain debacle. When word spread about the impending rescheduling of the calendar to shoehorn the middle eastern race back in there was uproar! “How can this happen!”, “Sign this petition”, “boycott the event” comments like this were all over the net. All of this is great, it shows how much we as fans care about our sport and the welfare of people oppressed and killed for speaking their minds. Was it all effective though? Just on my twitter feed alone there was 4 or 5 different courses of action that you could action, so I’m guessing there was quite a few more in the UK alone, let alone worldwide!

So what if F1 fans had their own group, one place where fans could go to register the displeasure or approval on issues affecting F1? What would have a greater effect? One petition signed by four million or 300,000 signed by thirty or so?


2 thoughts on “A Louder Voice for F1 Fans

  1. Holly Craig

    I think for a sport looking to increase worldwide popularity, a more formal process for canvassing public opinion in F1 would definitely be a good thing!
    Gaining a greater insight into what the fans support and object to would not only be an exceptional PR opportunity for the FIA, but a sure way for the FOM/FOA to increase revenue and fill grandstands!


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