The Bernie Interview

Every week in my blog I’ll be attempting to contact Bernie Ecclestone for an interview. Bernie is renowned for being as slippery as a fish when it come to avoiding interviews so I’m adopting a rather unique approach. This week to start things off, I’m going to send a carrier pigeon off in the general direction I think he is. If this doesn’t work I’ll try a different method each week until I get to speak with him. If, for some strange reason Bernie doesn’t get the message I’ll need other ways to try in the coming weeks!

I need your suggestions to help me get a message to Bernie. Either post a comment below or tweet me on twitter (@MarshallGP) with the hashtag #contactbernie.


6 thoughts on “The Bernie Interview

  1. @KamuiWatch

    Good work, Marshall, glad you stepped up to the Oche with regards to this challenge. As we said, there’s a pint in it for you, and if you get him to wear, nay, simply pose with a Kamui Watch t shirt in a photo (no photoshopping allowed!), I’ll give you a free one!

    Good luck with it, and I’m sure we can come up with some ideas for you!

  2. Katie

    Get someone to go to a GP and throw paper aeroplanes/birds with little messages inside them at him until he gets it. Or you could try a message in a bottle…would have been good for Monaco, though.


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