Bahrain Poll

Today we learnt that the Bahrain Grand Prix has been reinstated on the calendar on 30th October. Is it right to race in there given the ongoing political and social turmoil?


5 thoughts on “Bahrain Poll

  1. Pan_Chris

    To be honest, Bahrain is not the best place to host a Grand Prix after what we saw the last few months. The protest is still going on there F1 is not safe.

  2. Katie (@Gregg_Is_God)

    It’s not like it’s Monaco or Spa…one of the legendary tracks. It’s just a way of making money, but at what cost?

  3. Alan

    Definitely a big no. If it was adding to the spectacle of the sport and was not forcing the season to extend to December, then no.

    But that’s even before the political climate, the need for TWO UAE races and the unfortunate souls who already booked for India (I booked for Korea this year, pretty long haul and I’d be rather unimpressed if they shifted things around now!).


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